Royalty Free Stock Easter Clipart by Maria Bell

  1. Cute Bear Wearing White Easter Bunny Ears and Playing with Two Yellow Chicks
  2. Happy Female White Easter Bunny Rabbit Playing with Paper Bunnies on Easter
  3. White and Blue Chicken Eggs on Easter, Ready to Decorate
  4. Happy White Bunny Rabbit Face with a Purple Flower by the Right Ear
  5. Yellow Baby Chicken Disguised As the Easter Bunny, Holding a Carrot
  6. White Baby in Bunny Ears and Diaper, Holding a Rattle and Playing with Chicks
  7. Busy White Easter Bunny Rabbit Holding a Basket Under a Row of Colorful Chickens Laying Decorated Eggs
  8. Angry Jesus Boxing with the Easter Bunny, Socking Him in the Face As He Spills and Breaks Eggs from a Basket
  9. African American Easter Baby in a Diaper, Holding an Egg Rattle, Wearing Bunny Ears and Playing with Chicks
  10. Cute White Easter Bunny with Chicks and Eggs, on a Green and Blue Plain Stationery Background
  11. Happy Girl Carrying Easter Eggs in Her Arms
  12. Friendly White Easter Bunny Talking with a Chick and Gathering Eggs in Grass
  13. Easter Border of Eggs and Chicks with Yellow Text Space