Royalty Free Stock Easter Clipart by Elaineitalia

  1. Trio of Pretty and Colorful Easter Eggs in Spring Grass, Under a Beautiful Morning Sunrise with Rays of Light in the Blue Sky
  2. Woven Basket Full of Organic and Free Range Brown Chicken Eggs
  3. Basket of Easter Eggs over a Yellow Star Burst Background
  4. Basket of Easter Eggs in a Grungy and Vine Circle over White
  5. Green Grungy Circle with an Easter Basket
  6. Distressed Pink Easter Background of Flowers, Splatters and Eggs
  7. Bright Yellow Painted Easter Egg over a Blue Background with Floral Vines and Rays of Light
  8. Black Silhouetted Easter Egg over a White Background with Elegant Floral Vines
  9. Beautiful Intricate Red Easter Egg with Orange Floral Designs over a Lighted Bursting Background
  10. Four Dyed Easter Eggs Hidden in Long Grass, Waiting for Children to Find Them During an Egg Hunt
  11. Elegant Blue Easter Egg with Intricate Floral Designs in Silver, over a Blue Background
  12. Green, Pink, Yellow and Blue Dyed Easter Eggs in a Row over a Pale Orange Background
  13. Elegant Orange Easter Egg with Intricate Floral Patterns in Yellow or Gold, over an Orange Background
  14. Group of Three Orange Easter Eggs with Yellow Floral Designs Resting in a Row over an Orange Background with Vines
  15. Set of Five Colorful Easter Eggs Hanging from Golden Ribbons on a Green Vine, over a Blue Background
  16. Single Blue Butterfly over Three Easter Eggs Hidden in Grass Under a Blue Spring Sky
  17. Sunny Sky Behind Three Striped Easter Eggs in Grass over Yellow
  18. Border of Growing Yellow Flowers, Green Leaves and Colorful Easter Eggs
  19. White Background Bordered by Yellow Daisy Flowers and Colorful Easter Eggs
  20. Yellow and Orange Striped Easter Egg with a Yellow Ribbon, on a Bursting Background with Flowers
  21. Decorated Pastel Easter Egg with Pastel Yellow and Purple Horizontal Rings
  22. Decorated Easter Egg with Pastel Yellow and Green Horizontal Rings on White
  23. Pastel Decorated Easter Egg with Wavy Vertical Green, Yellow and Blue Lines
  24. Shiny Easter Egg Dyed Blue on White
  25. Group of 5 Striped Easter Eggs in Pink, Blue, Purple, Yellow, Orange and Green Colors
  26. Decorated Easter Egg with Yellow and Orange Horizontal Rings on White
  27. Shiny Easter Egg Dyed Green on White
  28. Decorated Pastel Easter Egg with Wavy Vertical Pink, Yellow and Blue Lines
  29. Shiny Easter Egg Dyed Orange on White
  30. Group of 6 Easter Eggs, Three Solid Yellow, Blue and Green and Three Striped
  31. Eggs in an Easter Basket over a Green Spring Hill with Butterflies, Birds and Plants, with Halftone Dots
  32. Easter Eggs Suspended from a Vine over Green Gingham
  33. Banners of Easter Eggs and Vines over Yellow Gingham
  34. Yellow Happy Easter Egg with Dots over Blue
  35. Easter Basket with Eggs on a Hill with Butterflies, Birds, Plants, and Halftone Dots
  36. Colorful Easter Eggs and Flowers in Spring Grass over Clouds
  37. Green Easter Background of Butterflies over Eggs in Grass with Rays
  38. Happy Easter Eggs with Buntings over Polka Dots on Blue
  39. Hanging Easter Egg with Text over Blue Ribbon and Stripes
  40. Easter Collage Forming an Egg over Polka Dots a Bow and Copyspace
  41. 3d Easter Egg with a Bow over Flares
  42. 3d Purple Speckled Easter Egg
  43. 3d Speckled Orange Easter Egg